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This repo is companion to an article published here (TODO add link).

Contents :

  • app: a Go module intended as an "application" (vs library) with 4 packages compilable as single binaries
    • a, a2 and b depend exclusively on matching packages from mod1
    • control depends only on stdlib's fmt and is used as a control for what a small Go binary can weigh
  • mod1: a Go module intended to represent a library that app would include. It contains 3 packages:
    • a: depends on a large external dependency (github.com/gin-gonic/gin) in the "normal" files and also depends on some other external dependencies exclusively used in the test files, whether in the same package or in the a_test package.
    • a2: same as a but doesn't contain test files, to show that test dependencies don't bloat the built binary
    • b: depends only on fmt