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This Django app allows me to add payments I would like to be refunded, my parents can review it and bundle them into a refund.

It then shows the amount they need to refund and they can make the transfer from their online banking account.


This is not a cost sharing app. Any payment added is supposed to be entirely refund to the payer, or refused.


User subscription

User subscription is not allowed : the person that deploys the app is responsible for user creation.

User profiles

Basically three profiles exist :

  • Can add/edit/delete payments
  • Can add/edit/delete refunds
  • Admin

Target refund

Currently, it's impossible to target a payment to a specific refunder. Payments are visible to all users that can refund.

An improvement could be to be able to target a refund to a specific user, so only him can refund it. This would allow multiple users to share the same database. We could also imagine another system where all refunds from a specific user are by default targeted to the same set of refunders, with the possibility for the payer to change it.


If you do reuse my work, please consider linking back to this repository 🙂