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  Gabriel Augendre 4ceaeadbaa Cleanup code from plausible and django-assets references 20 hours ago
  Gabriel Augendre 10edbe2d14 Make tag feeds more discoverable 21 hours ago
  Gabriel Augendre 5d57bd453d Fix tags links when logged in 21 hours ago
  Gabriel Augendre bd9e89b79b Customize tag admin 21 hours ago
  Gabriel Augendre cf1b2af325 Add feed for tags 22 hours ago
  Gabriel Augendre 4ddf916364 Add tags on articles and list view 22 hours ago
  Gabriel Augendre 8d5edfd8df Disable test skipping 1 day ago
  Gabriel Augendre 26cc694008 Replace keywords by a Tag model 1 day ago
  Gabriel Augendre 5722903301 Add search 2 days ago
  Gabriel Augendre 726e342b88 Disable gitlab ci linter 1 week ago
  Gabriel Augendre c9cfdba90f Update python 1 week ago
  Gabriel Augendre ba051f2fde Add link to gitea 3 weeks ago
  Gabriel Augendre f8942a337c Fix crane tag 3 weeks ago
  Gabriel Augendre 6810e19059 Use netshoot for crane 3 weeks ago
  Gabriel Augendre dc6e688342 Use crane to retag image remotely instead of downloading it once again 3 weeks ago
  Gabriel Augendre 1b74417762 Skip flaky test 3 weeks ago
  Gabriel Augendre 2819a2a955 Don't pull when tagging 3 weeks ago
  Gabriel Augendre 65d8f00c76 Update links to Gitea 3 weeks ago
  Gabriel Augendre 19fb2b9fde Add deploy pipeline 3 weeks ago
  Gabriel Augendre f650ef3c3f Remove old static files instruction in readme 3 weeks ago
  Gabriel Augendre b537f51ab1 Add drone CI build & tests 3 weeks ago
  Gabriel Augendre efdbc21ea7 Configure pytest to automatically rerun a flaky test 1 month ago
  Gabriel Augendre 29bace4395 Update run.sh 1 month ago
  Gabriel Augendre f2981d2d0f
Add image fallback when user has disabled javascript 1 month ago
  Gabriel Augendre 87ff32cbc9
Build latest sooner and only retag to publish 1 month ago
  Gabriel Augendre 06205dbaea
Exclude main content from spaceless 1 month ago
  Gabriel Augendre bb1f2a7838
Remove manifest from links 1 month ago
  Gabriel Augendre a703cce21f
Update docker-compose file with memcached 1 month ago
  Gabriel Augendre c14a3f1b0d
Declare all env variables in the Dockerfile albeit commented 1 month ago
  Gabriel Augendre 0fc99c2a0c
Switch to offline compressed assets 1 month ago
  Gabriel Augendre 3c64795f7a
Add memcached config 1 month ago
  Gabriel Augendre 9958b37699
Add preconnect headers for goatcounter and plausible 1 month ago
  Gabriel Augendre 2bbdef77a3
Add goatcounter as analytics source 1 month ago
  Gabriel Augendre 4229060233
Add pytest test to check for missing migrations 1 month ago
  Gabriel Augendre 2267a61d77
Remove underline from pills 1 month ago
  Gabriel Augendre 159585e6cd
Switch to django-compressor 1 month ago
  Gabriel Augendre d26ee137bf
Fix margin on nav dots 2 months ago
  Gabriel Augendre 9dbfb473d8
Add a small radius on all images 2 months ago
  Gabriel Augendre 98e5f603ec
Rename gitlab ci jobs and stages 2 months ago
  Gabriel Augendre 4f90723092
Update pre-commit hooks 2 months ago
  Gabriel Augendre d4daad6ddb
Check gitlab ci file with pre-commit 2 months ago
  Gabriel Augendre 7226ca57a2
Render spaceless HTML 2 months ago
  Gabriel Augendre d59565fa82
Refactor articles model 2 months ago
  Gabriel Augendre 4b224f0a1f
Minify custom css before rendering 2 months ago
  Gabriel Augendre 2621796a6f
Fix suggested articles when no keyword 2 months ago
  Gabriel Augendre 92fd0aac80
Put main content in main html section 2 months ago
  Gabriel Augendre fa56dd138a
Use CSS to add navigation dots 2 months ago
  Gabriel Augendre 118320ada1
Update admin list order 2 months ago
  Gabriel Augendre afba9cf72b
Add keywords to articles admin list 2 months ago
  Gabriel Augendre 843e3bfb0a
Add a related articles section at the bottom of articles 2 months ago