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DAVIDS • DuplicAtes VIewer and Detector for Spotify

This app lets you find duplicates in your Spotify playlists. It's not perfect and could be improved in many ways but does the job.

Spotify app configuration

To properly work, the app needs you to use these scopes when requesting Spotify authorization :

  • playlist-read-private
  • playlist-read-collaborative

Deploy to Heroku



When using the application, you should first login with Spotify. The app only requests access to your private and collaborative playlists.

After login, you can get all the playlists by clicking the Refresh button. It may take a while if you have many ones.

After playlists are loaded, you can click on any name to launch duplicates finding. This may also take a while as Spotify only allows me to retrieve tracks 100 by 100.


If any request takes too much time, this may be because the token has expired. For the moment, no automatic refresh is implemented. You have to click the Refresh token button.


If you do reuse my work, please consider linking back to this repository 🙂