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// Use these for links to issue and pulls. Note issues and pulls redirect one to
// each other on Github, so don't worry too much on using the right prefix.
This changelog is intended for community Beat developers. It covers the major
breaking changes to the internal APIs in the official Beats and changes related
to developing a Beat like code generators or `fields.yml`. Only the major
changes will be covered in this changelog that are expected to affect community
developers. Each breaking change added here should have an explanation on how
other Beats should be migrated.
Note: This changelog was only started after the 6.3 release.
=== Beats version HEAD[Check the HEAD diff]
The list below covers the major changes between 6.3.0 and master only.
==== Breaking changes
- The beat.Pipeline is now passed to cfgfile.RunnerFactory. Beats using libbeat for module reloading or autodiscovery need to be adapted. {pull}7018[7017]
- Moving of TLS helper functions and structs from `output/tls` to `tlscommon`. {pull}7054[7054]
- Port fields.yml collector to Golang {pull}6911[6911]
- Dashboards under _meta/kibana are expected to be decoded. See for a conversion script. {pull}7265[7265]
- Constructor `(` expects a new `escapeHTML` parameter. {pull}7445[7445]
- Packaging has been refactored and updates are required. See the PR for migration details. {pull}7388[7388]
- `make fields` has been modified to use Mage ( in an effort to make
the building a Beat more cross-platform friendly (e.g. Windows). This requires that your Beat
has a magefile.go with a fields target. The `FIELDS_FILE_PATH` make variable is no longer
used because the value is specified in magefile.go. {pull}7670[7670]
- Renamed `-beat-name` CLI option used in `kibana_index_pattern.go` to `-beat` for consistency with other scripts in `dev-tools/cmd`. {pull}8615[8615]
==== Bugfixes
- Fix permissions of generated Filebeat filesets. {pull}7140[7140]
- Collect fields from _meta/fields.yml too. {pull}8397[8397]
- Fix issue on asset generation that could lead to different results in Windows. {pull}8464[8464]
==== Added
- Libbeat provides a global registry for beats developer that allow to register and retrieve plugin. {pull}7392[7392]
- Added more options to control required and optional fields in schema.Apply(), error returned is a plain nil if no error happened {pull}7335[7335]
- Packaging on MacOS now produces a .dmg file containing an installer (.pkg) and uninstaller for the Beat. {pull}7481[7481]
- Added mage targets `goTestUnit` and `goTestIntegration` for executing
'go test'. This captures the log to a file, summarizes the result, produces a
coverage profile (.cov), and produces an HTML coverage report. See
`mage -h goTestUnit`. {pull}7766[7766]
- Beats packaging now build non-oss binaries from code located in the x-pack folder. {issue}7783[7783]
- New function `AddTagsWithKey` is added, so `common.MapStr` can be enriched with tags with an arbitrary key. {pull}7991[7991]
- Libbeat provides a new function `cmd.GenRootCmdWithSettings` that should be preferred over deprecated functions
`cmd.GenRootCmd`, `cmd.GenRootCmdWithRunFlags`, and `cmd.GenRootCmdWithIndexPrefixWithRunFlags`. {pull}7850[7850]
- Set current year in generator templates. {pull}8396[8396]
- You can now override default settings of libbeat by using instance.Settings. {pull}8449[8449]
- Add `-space-id` option to `export_dashboards.go` script to support Kibana Spaces {pull}7942[7942]
- Add `-name` option to `asset.go` script to explicitly name the asset rather than using its filename. {pull}8693[8693]
- Add `-out` option to `kibana_index_pattern.go` to control the output dir to make it possible to write the generated output to `build/kibana` instead of `_meta/kibana.generated` (but the output dir remains unchanged at this point). {pull}8615[8615]
- Add `module_fields.go` for generated `fields.go` files for modules. {pull}8615[8615]
- Add `mage.GenerateModuleReferenceConfig` for generating reference config files that include configuration sections from the module directory. {pull}8615[8615]
- Add `mage.GenerateFieldsGo` for generating fields.go files. {pull}8615[8615]
- Add `mage.KibanaDashboards` for collecting Kibana dashboards and generating index patterns. {pull}8615[8615]
- Allow to disable config resolver using the `Settings.DisableConfigResolver` field when initializing libbeat. {pull}8769[8769]